Secrecy about Dates of Birth

Secrecy surrounding dates of birth has caused confusion for many interested parties, but one of the parties most affected by the secrecy surrounding dates of birth is journalists. Journalists need this information to ensure accuracy in their reporting and to use their First Amendment right to its fullest extent. Here, you can find more information on the case that has inhibited government transparency surrounding dates of birth.

Paxton v. City of Dallas Ruling’s Impact on Open Government

Dates of birth are found in a multitude of public records, including sex offender database, jail records, civil legal filings, election candidate applications, voter registration rolls and others. Paxton v. City of Dallas has caused confusion among governmental agencies and has resulted in the inability to verify the accuracy of information when dealing with common names.

In 2017, legislative efforts to address these issues failed in the Texas House,  meaning these – and other- loopholes continue to be used to shroud vital records from public view and keep Texans in the dark.