We have so much sunshine in Texas…Why are we so often left in the dark?

Texas once led the way in Open Government and public transparency.

The Texas Sunshine Laws were considered the model other states followed.

Due to years of restrictive legislative action, regulatory policies and loopholes carved out by state court rulings.

Today, Texas’ Sunshine Laws have been dramatically weakened, leaving more and more government operations cloaked in secrecy, and Texas taxpayers in the dark over how their money is spent.

The Texas Sunshine Coalition is a collaborative, non-partisan effort of citizens and organizations across Texas dedicated to working to raise awareness of the importance of open government, and to strengthen laws to protect public access to information and oversight at the State Capitol.

Over the course of the next two years, the coalition will work with state and local lawmakers, executives and other key policymakers to enact new provisions that strengthen Texas’ Sunshine Laws, improve public oversight and rebuild trust in government operations and decisions.

It’s time to let the sun shine in Texas!

“It is our responsibility to ensure these laws work. Government transparency isn’t a partisan issue. It’s a fundamental issue.” 

Senator Kirk Watson (D-Austin)

“Some of us must stand up, be vocal and take a positive, constructive approach…Bottom line is, good government, open government, settles everybody down.”

Representative Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi)