The strength of our nation’s democracy depends on the participation of informed residents in its governing processes  —a collective of voices representing an array of interests and identities. 

The National Freedom of Information Coalition is a resource. Our organization and members protect our right to open government by ensuring state and local governments and public institutions have laws, policies and procedures to facilitate press and public access to information and proceedings.

We are a national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of state and regional affiliates representing 39 states, commonwealths, territories and districts including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. Through our programs and services and national member network, NFOIC promotes press freedom, legislative and administrative reforms, dispute resolutions and litigation (when needed) to ensure open, transparent and accessible state and local governments and public institutions. We are proactively working to integrate new voices into the government transparency world, recognizing that information is critical to empowering marginalized groups, and that new perspectives are essential to healthy civic engagement and democracy.